More Blogs to Come

Thanks for checking out MJW Grain Inc!

We are a family company that aims to serve the needs of brewers, distillers, and bakers across the US by providing the highest quality triticale grain and malted triticale right to you. We are excited to connect with producers and consumer alike and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Don't hesitate to reach out to myself or my father, James Wahl, to ask!

I will post updates about the farm, our business and our lives in general. I hope to share stories about the humble beginnings of our family company and where we go from here. I aim to let our readers see into the lives of American farmers, brewers, and distillers. 

This industry that I am so passionate about is vast and full of equally as passionate individuals searching for new, innovative ways to produce, market, and deliver food to the world. My family is just a small part of this ever-changing industry, but we seek to make a significant impact by finding more sustainable farming practices through less use of pesticides and reducing our carbon footprint. 

Stay tuned for more blog posts and photos demonstrating what exactly we do here at MJW Grain Inc!

Until next time - cheers!

Maya Jane, President and CEO